Since his origin, man has carried his belongings around with him. First in crude bags made of animal skin, eventually these evolved, with the addition of handles and straps, into wonderful leather cabin trunks from the age of steam ships, leather suitcases and hat boxes that once nestled in the overhead luggage webbing on steam trains and on the backs of vintage cars.

The leather motorcase to protect your best shotgun is no exception, it is these vintage luggage masterpieces that we source & acquire from throughout the UK & beyond, so that, whether it be to use everyday for transporting/storing your best shotgun or to adorn a study/office, these beautiful and unique pieces of vintage luggage will endure and give the look of genuine heritage.

Quality is of prime importance and our aim is to supply only items made by the very finest manufacturers however the majority of items we sell are over 50 years old & due to the scarcity of these vintage items it is necessary & often preferable to accept small defects as part of their character & rich history. Wherever possible these defects & imperfections are highlighted but it is not always possible to identify every fault. Purdey, Holland & Holland, Cogswell & Harrison, Manton, Drew, Asprey, Harrods, Mappin and Webb, Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Army and Navy, are just some of the makes of case that we can supply.

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